Cueva de las Manos Hotel

Perito Moreno - Santa Cruz

In 2015 the Cueva de las Manos Hotel opens its doors in Perito Moreno town.

Strategically placed in the Argentinian Patagonia, in the north western part of the Santa Cruz Province in the crossroad between the provincial Route N° 43 and the well-known Route N° 40.

Perito Moreno is the entrance to one of the oldest artistic expressions of the South American people: the valley Río Pinturas and its famous Cueva de las Manos 163 km -101 miles- away. It has been declared National Historical Monument and Humankind Heritage because of its about 8000 years old cave paintings.

60 km -37,5 miles- away next to Los Antiguos town you can find the Buenos Aires Lake, the second biggest water mirror in South America, its surface of 2.240 square km -1400 square miles-.

Perito Moreno is a must-visit town which offers the possibility of living history enjoying the calmness of the patagonic immensity.

We invite you to visit our hotel in Perito Moreno

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